Our Team

        Energotechnika Engineering Ltd. employs over 120 persons, including 100 engineers with high technical university education degree in following specializations: power, mechanical, civil, architectural, building installation, electrical, water treatment, instrumentation and control engineering.

Company intellectual asset comes out of many years occupational experience of management and design staff. There are specialists awarded by Ministry of Environmental Protection for “Outstanding Achievements in Design” as well as specialists holding the title “Designer of the Year” awarded by Chamber of Civil Design. There are also two persons holding the Ph.D. degree. Many company specialists are experts in constructional civil and electricity networks and installations.

The vast majority of employees has many years’ experience in direct design, design execution and coordination, during bidding phase, conceptual and special analysis, complex design works, as well as during “turn – key” investment execution. Branch designers hold the appropriate, certified building qualifications in the following specializations: architectural, constructional civil, roads, building installations and electrical.

Design team is equipped with good practical knowledge about rights and obligations of each building process participant covering building permit obtaining, erection management, checking and approval, operation permit, supervision during erection and commissioning.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience, our design is high quality, fairly and precisely made, always on time.

Energotechnika Engineering design office has a highly regarded position on the engineering services market, with the well-established position in energy sector.



        Production Director
        Robert Jałmużna

Commercial Director
Krzysztof Szyndler

        Technology & Power Engineering Director
        Adam Ryguła


        Civil Engineering Director
        Piotr Głodny


        Building Installation Engineering Director
        Katarzyna Bober


        Electrical & IC Engineering Director
        Grzegorz Gabryel